About Graphic Design

Blue began her art career at nine years old. She found a book on how to sketch and taught herself to draw the things she loved in nature. By 13, she moved into painting with acrylics. Her first painting, still hanging in a family member’s home, was of her pet dog. Her love of art carried her into freelance work in graphic design and a career in teaching computer graphics. She continued to develop her painting skills and sold paintings hanging in a variety of locations from hospitals and homes.
Curious about the history of typography and having a passion for the subtleties of fonts and feelings, she has developed a number of fonts that she sells online, along with a large number of digital paper designs and textures.
Having authored over a dozen books, she developed a strong connection to the publishing industry and designs custom book covers for an increasing number of clients.
She now divides her time between freelance graphic design work, sculpting and writing thriller fiction.

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